Reviver of the True Sunni path, Passionate Lover of the Beloved holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu ‘Alaiehi Wa Sallam), The Greatest Orator of Pakistan Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Shafee Okarvi(Mercy of Allaah be on him) And Fikr-e-Razaa (Reflection of Razaa)

Bismil Laahir Rahmaan Nir Raheem Was Salaatu Was Salaamu ‘Alaa Rasoolihil Kareem
Reviver of the True Sunni path, Passionate Lover of the Beloved Holy Prophet 
(Sallal Laahu ‘Alaiehi Wa Sallam),
The Greatest Orator of Pakistan

Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Shafee Okarvi  

(Allaah have mercy on him) 

Fikr-e-Razaa (Reflection of Razaa)

Human birth is described in the Holy Qur’aan. Also, it is a holy Hadees that when four months have passed Allaah Ta’aalaa sends an angel to the fetus in its mother’s womb to put life in it.  And he is ordered to write four things that is, food, age and deeds and if this person is fortunate or unfortunate (Saheeh Muslim Shareef, pg 232, Vol 2).  But it is written in “life histories and biographies” that many fortunate people have come to this world, several years before their arrival, the good news of their status and good fortune was already given and according to this good news it has also happened and manifested. There are two meaning derived from this.  Firstly, the person who gives the good news with the benefaction of Allaah Ta’aalaa is a man of insight.  He has seen and narrated what was written on the Guarded Tablet (Lauh-e-Mahfuuz).  Secondly, we will say that they were already shown the vision of what was going to happen with their insight eyes, so they mentioned it, meaning this good news was announced from their truthful tongue.

My dearest grandfather, Hazrat Al-Haaj Miyaan Shaiekh Karam Ilaahi son of Shaiekh Miyaan Allaah Dittaa (Allaah have mercy on them) lived in the area of Khem Karan in eastern Punjab with his respected uncle (paternal).  He was deprived from the shade of affection of a father at a very young age.  He spent his early years in great hardships because his respected uncle’s treatment was not kind.  However, my grandfather had always made obedience, patience and happiness his nature.  He really liked to pray regularly with the congregation and sit in the company of the people of Allaah.  His respected father (my great-grandfather) who was a man of such spiritual disposition that others who sat by him could hear the name of Allaah from his beating heart.  This was known by everyone.  My grandfather’s age was around eighteen years and he would go to read five times of prayers in Bambalaan Masjid. In this Masjid of Khem Karan, many people received the honour of reciting and memorizing the holy Qur’aan from Hazrat Haafiz Karam Ilaahi Saahib (a famous teacher of the holy Qur’aan).  Even though Haafiz Saahib was blind, stories of his inner sight are well-known to this day.  Amongst the children reading out loud in the school, if there was a child who was not reading or reading quietly, Haafiz Saahib would call that child by name and say your voice is not coming.  He spent the whole night filling a tank of water from a well for the people, who came for Fajr salaat, to do ablution. While doing so, the entire time his tongue would be moving with the recitation of the holy Qur’aan.  The people who have seen Haafiz Saahib say that even when he lay down on a bed in the Masjid, the recitation of the holy Qur’aan would continue.  After the partition of subcontinent, Haafiz Saahib migrated, settling in the city of Qasoor where he also passed away.

Haafiz Karam Ilaahi Saahib was a kind teacher and a dear friend of my grandfather.  My grandfather had often heard Haafiz Saahib speak about the distinguished guide of the spiritual path Naqsh Bandiyah Mujaddidiyah Shayr-e-Rabbaani Hazrat Qiblah Miyaan Shayr Muhammad Saahib Sharq puri (Mercy of Allaah be on him).  Every day we heard about his miracles (karaamat), his power (khasf) and his fear of Allaah and devotion.  Between my dear grandfather and Hazrat Miyaan Saahib a relation of spiritual devotion had been established. My grandfather started thinking and seeing him in his thoughts.  In those day’s my dearest grandfather only had one friend, his companion in the Masjid and Madrassah, Janaab Haaji Muhammad ‘Alee (This pious person with an enlighten face lived in Rawalpindi and also passed away).  Due to the similar tastes and personality the two were tied by a string of friendship even after the Masjid and Madrassah.

 Haaji Muhammad ‘Alee Saahib also desired to see and meet Hazrat Miyaan Saahib.  As this desire intensified, the intention developed stronger, and the endurance of patience diminished, so one morning in 1925 AD both of them started travelling from Khem Karan to Sharq pur Shareef. The distance from Khem Karan to Qasoor was five miles and from there to Lahore was another thirty miles.  But transport was not common and the Ravi River also came between Sharq pur and Lahore. It was night time when they reached the town of Sharq pur Shareef after travelling some distance on transport and some on foot. The people had locked up their homes after the salaat of ‘Ishaa and the silence of night was cast over.  During that time there was not even a stranger visible from whom they could ask anything, so at such a time their thoughts turned towards the Masjid, but the caretaker in the Masjid of Hazrat Miyaan Saahib had also gone to sleep.  So after finishing their ‘Ishaa salaat these young men, who were sitting in the courtyard of the Masjid, became more worried because of the immense hunger rather than tiredness.  Away from homes, they had come to such a place where they didn’t know anyone. The caretaker of the Masjid was woken by their movement.  He came and asked them why they were sitting there.  They told him that they have come to meet Hazrat Miyaan Saahib. The caretaker said, “You will be able to meet Hazrat Miyaan Saahib only after the salaat of Fajr, if you want to spend the night here you can sleep in the basement of the Masjid.” 

In the corner of the Masjid there was a basement.  After being told by the caretaker, they went there to lie down, but whether it was due to hunger or new place, they felt anxious so there was no sign of sleep.  The caretaker did not even ask them where were they from or whether they had eaten food or not.  Nor did he tell them how they will pass the night if they will only be able to meet Hazrat Miyaan Saahib after the Salaat of Fajr.  Now not long after, someone called loudly from the door of the Masjid, “Those two young men who came from Khem Karan, Hazrat Saahib is calling them.”

Whenever my dearest grandfather retold this story, first his eyes would glow bright and then his eyes would become wet (with tears).  He would say on that day they had a living and flourishing view of his spiritual powers and witnessed Hazrat Miyaan Saahib’s inner eye.  After they heard the voice, both of them immediately got up.  Hazrat Saahib’s “meeting room” (Baithhak) was in a nearby lane.  As they entered the room, in front was the honourable person for whom they had come to meet.  Before Hazrat Saahib was a mat (dastar khawaan) on which freshly cooked food was placed. They said salaam, Hazrat Saahib replied the salaam and said, “You people have not even eaten food and in the basement you were also feeling nervous! Come, first wash your hands and eat the food then we will talk.”

By following the Prophetic way (Sunnat) Hazrat taught them how to sit and then served the food himself.  After eating he asked, “Now tell me, why you have come?” They said, “We have come with the intention of taking allegiance.” Hazrat asked, “What is your name?” My grandfather replied, “Karam Ilaahi.” Grandfather only said this much and it was only a matter of telling his name, spontaneously Hazrat Miyaan Saahib said, Karam Ilaahi, “May Almighty Allaah’s streams of blessings flow, streams of luminance (Noor) will flow.”

He repeated the same sentence three times with passion.  Then after he heard the name of Haaji Muhammad ‘Alee Saahib from him, twice he repeated the name and said you will receive favours of both.  Hazrat embraced both of them and gave best wishes. He said, “Now rest, In Shaa Allaah will take the allegiance in the morning after the Salaat of Fajr.”

My honourable grandfather said he could not sleep for a long time that night as he was overwhelmed with happiness.  Before also they had heard from others, but that day they witnessed everything themselves.  Hazrat Miyaan Saahib had seen with his inner sight and spirituality that these two young men have come from Khem Karan and they have also not even eaten since morning.  Even if Hazrat Saahib had sent someone with food it would have been a great blessing.  However, Hazrat called them at that time and bestowed on them the honour of meeting him and also invited them to his sitting room where he served the food himself.  He showered so much kindness on them that even their souls were swaying (were delighted). For a long time these two continued to talk about these same things.  My grandfather says, “At that time, I could not clearly understand the meaning of those two sentences of Hazrat Miyaan Saahib.  It was after a long time, when I saw my son as an exemplary teacher of the religion of Muhammad (Sallal Laahu ‘Alaiehi Wa Sallam), that it became clear to me what Hazrat Miyaan Saahib was witnessing and till where.”

After the Salaat of Fajr, Hazrat Qiblah Miyaan Saahib entered them in allegiance, taught them brief daily practices and again repeated those same sentences of good news.  After getting permission from Hazrat Qiblah these two came back to Khem Karan happy and delighted. Spiritual pleasure and exhilaration had made them forget all the fatigue of material difficulties and troubles. They told the whole story to Haafiz Karam Ilaahi Saahib. Haafiz Saahib heartedly congratulated them and considering those words as good tidings he said, “Allaah Ta’aalaa will give you such children from whom the light of religion will spread.”

When the time for my dearest grandfather’s wedding came, they travelled to Sharq pur Shareef again to request Hazrat Miyaan Saahib for supplications.  Hazrat Qiblah repeated the same good words and gave a lot of wishes and said, “Tell the people of Khem Karan, instead of coming to Sharq pur Shareef they should meet Haafiz Karam Ilaahi Saahib.”  After the wedding, my grandfather went to Sharq pur Shareef again to visit and inquire about the health of his spiritual guide Hazrat Miyaan Saahib (Allaah have mercy on him), Hazrat repeated those same sentences of good news again and again.  Besides this good news from Hazrat Shayr-e-Rabbaani Miyaan Shayr Muhammad Saahib Sharq puri (Allaah have mercy on him) my dearest grandfather (Allaah have mercy on him) also saw a dream where the whole moon has come in his lap and its cool light spread in all the directions.  The interpretation he was given of this dream was that Allaah Ta’aalaa would give him a son from whom the light of the resolute religion will spread.

On the 2nd of Ramadaan-ul-Mubaarak, 1348 AH, my dear grandfather immediately went to say his prayers in the Masjid after hearing the A’zaan of ‘Asr.  Just as all the people reading their ‘Asr Salaat together had finished their salaam; someone raised his voice at the door of Masjid and gave the good news of the birth a son in the house of Miyaan Shaiekh Karam Ilaahi. This good news was greeted with slogans of “Allaahu Akbar” (Takbeer) and “Yaa Rasool-ul-Laah” (Risaalat).  Haafiz Karam Ilaahi Saahib first recited the durood Shareef, then Aa’zan and Aqaamat in the ears of the new born child.  My respected grandfather had already thought of the name and kept the name of his first son (my dearest father) “Muhammad Shafee.”  My dear grandfather had the ceremony of starting to learn Qur’aan (Bismil Laah) done by Haafiz Karam Ilaahi Saahib and also began the series of memorizing the Holy Qur’aan with him.  During those days Hazrat peer Saiyyid ‘Alee Husaien Shaah Ashrafi Miyaan Kichochavi (Mercy of Allaah be on him) has come to Khem Karan to attend a gathering.  When he saw my father he also gave the good news of his high status.  Almighty Allaah had blessed him (my father) with a melodious voice.  From a young age he started reading Na’at Shareef and this was well-known.  It was in this way that the name and poetry A’laa Hazrat Imaam-e-Ahle Sunnat Mujaddid Deen-o-Millat Maulana Shaah Ahmad Razaa Khan Faazil-e-Barelvi (Mercy of Allaah be on him) came on his lips.

Every day the mention of Sharq pur would be repeated at our house, and my honourable father (Allaah have mercy on him) would be told about the discussion with Hazrat Miyaan Saahib (Allaah have mercy on him) by his teacher Haafiz Karam Ilaahi Saahib, Haaji Muhammad ‘Alee Saahib and others.  How precious and cherished this conversation must have been to them. How can it even be imagined?  In 1927 AD, Hazrat Miyaan Saahib (Allaah have mercy on him) passed away. Every year my dear grandfather would go to attend the annual Urs Shareef.  By always considering the month of Safar to have 29 days, the Khatm Shareef was held on the 3rd of Rabi-ul-Awwal.  For a long time my father had the desire to go to Sharq pur Shareef, but due to the hardships of travelling, my grandfather didn’t take him before he was seven years of age. The heir and younger brother of Hazrat Shayr-e-Rabbaani Miyaan Shayr Muhammad Sharq puri (Mercy of Allaah be on him), Hazrat Miyaan Ghulaam ul-Laah Sharq puri was known as Hazrat Saani Saahib Qiblah (Mercy of Allaah be on him).  I would say that it seemed like he was waiting for my respected father.  He received my father in Sharq pur Shareef in such a way that whenever I tried to hear the story from my dearest father, he would begin but could never finish it.  When describing the first and the last details of the meeting of his beloved Shaiekh he would start crying bitterly, no doubt he had immense love for his respected guide.  Before the independence of Pakistan and on the occasion of the Annual ‘Urs Shareef of Hazrat Miyaan Saahib (Allaah have mercy on him) in Sharq pur Shareef, respected spiritual guides and scholars would come.  If you look at their list, you would see that all of them were somehow directly or indirectly connected to A’laa Hazrat Faazil-e-Barelvi (Allaah have mercy on him).  Even though Hazrat Qiblah Miyaan Saahib Sharq puri passed away in the year 1927 AD and A’laa Hazrat Mujaddid Barelvi passed away in the year 1921 AD, both of these personalities lived for only 65 years in this world.  Hazrat Miyaan Saahib Qiblah travelled personally and went to meet A’laa Hazrat Mujaddid Barelvi (Allaah have mercy on him), but the details of this meeting is not present in the books of biographies. Twenty one years ago when I was successful in retrieving some letters of Hazrat Miyaan Saahib Sharq puri (Mercy of Allaah be on him) I was delighted to read that Hazrat Miyaan Saahib Sharq puri had written salutation to A’laa Hazrat Mujaddid-e-Barelvi.  (I have included the copy of one of these writings in the magazine published on the occasion of Chehlum Shareef (Faatihah after 40 days) of my respected father Mercy of Allaah be on him).  The copy of this writing was also taken from me by Hakeem Muhammad Moosaa Saahib Amritsari (Allaah have mercy on him).

The connection and association between Hazrat Miyaan and A’laa Hazrat is clear but the details of it have not been expressed. The famous scientist and scholar of religion settled in New Jersey (USA), Hazrat Maulana Ghufraan ‘Alee Saahib Siddiqee (student of Hazrat Muhaddis A’zam Maulana Sardaar Saahib Haamidee (Allaah have mercy on him) of Faisalabad) has told this to me, that it is famous among the “special” that after A’laa Hazrat Mujaddid Barelvi (Mercy of Allaah be on him) in front of most of his associates in (Pakistan) the centre of spiritual bounties was Hazrat Shayr-e-Rabbaani Miyaan Saahib Sharq puri (Mercy of Allaah be on him).  Due to this Hazrat Muhaddis-e-A’zam and other respected scholars would go there regularly.

My respected father (Allaah have mercy on him) attended the annual ‘Urs Shareef of Hazrat Miyaan Saahib Sharq puri (Mercy of Allaah be on him) every year till his last breath and stayed determined to it.  He used to say he frequently visited Sharq pur Shareef for 47 years and have attended 45 annual ‘Urs Shareef.  It can be imagined that from an early age he had the opportunity of listening to these scholars who would in some way or other definitely mention A’laa Hazrat Mujaddid Barelvi (Allaah have mercy on him) in their literary talks of believe.  And beside this, in those days regarding the recitation of na’at, the poetry of A’laa Hazrat Barelvi (Allaah have mercy on him) must be read in these religious gatherings.

Even before the independence of Pakistan, my dearest father (Allaah have mercy on him) was known and recognized within the religious circles.  During the Pakistan Movement the popularity of his glorious orations was known but the real fame of his oration was achieved in 1949 AD.  After, the partition of India he migrated to Okara.  There he finished his syllabus of Islaamic education from Hazrat Shaiekh-ul-Islaam Wal Muslimeen Shaiekh-ul-Qur’aan Al-Haaj Maulana Ghulaam ‘Alee Ashrafi Okarvi.  This is how he was not only introduced to A’laa Hazrat Mujaddid Barelvi (Allaah have mercy on him), but also how his connection became deeper and stronger.  Hazrat Shaiekh-ul-Qur’aan had the honour of acquiring knowledge and blessing for many years from Hazrat Saiyyid Muhammad Na’eem-ud-deen Muradabaadi and Shaiekh-ul-Muhaddiseen Hazrat Abul Barakaat Saiyyid Ahmad Al-Vari (Mercy of Allaah be on them).

Along with being the in charge and a teacher in the Department of Religion in Birla High School, Okara my respected father kept the habit of an oration on Fridays at the Jaame Masjid Muhaajireen in Montgomery.  He also kept the habit of giving daily speeches in religious gatherings in the big and small areas of Punjab.  Some posters of these public gatherings of those days are still in my preservation having his name written with immense love and respect.  I also have some of his notebooks from those days.  In them he wrote some of his research and important collections acquired from reading.  I also saw some references of the books of A’laa Hazrat Mujaddid Barelvi (Allaah have mercy on him) in his research.  I can certainly say this in the speeches of those days also he would also mention the King of Bareilly.  In the beginning he would sometimes write his speeches, but this was very rare.  From the beginning he must have collected a lot of references on every topic through his research.  His style of oration was like this, after the Prophetic sermons (Khutbah Masnoonah), he would recite one na’at shareef, and then whichever verse of Qur’aan he recited he would go into its details with full zeal and passion making speeches for hours.  And it was compulsory, in the style like A’laa Hazrat Mujaddid Barelvi (Allaah have mercy on him) that he would give a reference of everything.  Due to this his orations was not only full of knowledge and evidence, they were authentic and comprehensive.  He would keep on his topic and would place piles of evidences and arguments. Also he would describe in such easy words that the people listening would memorize.  According to the topic he would also recite the verses with melody and most of the verses would be from the poetry of A’laa Hazrat Barelvi (Allaah have mercy on him).

Three miles from the city of Okara in the direction of Lahore, on the edge of the road there is the home of a holy man (Khanqaah) “Hazrat Karmaan Waalaa.” Ganj-e-Karam Hazrat Qiblah Peer Saiyyid Muhammad Ismaa’eel Shaah Bukhaari also known as Hazrat Karmaan Waalay (Mercy of Allaah be on him) has settled there.  Hazrat Ganj-e-Karam (Allaah have mercy on him) was the Great Caliph of Hazrat Shayr-e-Rabbaani Miyaan Saahib Sharq puri (Mercy of Allaah be on him).  He was a scholar with oceanic knowledge, a jurist and an excellent Friend of Allaah.  My honourable father (Allaah have mercy on him) spend almost ten years in the service and company of Hazrat Ganj-e-Karam (Allaah have mercy on him).   Hazrat Ganj-e-Karam (Allaah have mercy on him) would specially hear na’ats from my honourable father (Allaah have mercy on him).  “See Harfee” is a poem that is a complete description, in verse, of the grace and charms of the holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu ’Alaiehi Wa Sallam), written by a Soofi saint in Punjabi, which he really liked.  Specially listening to it from my honourable father (Allaah have mercy on him), it seems to me that it was stimulation for my honourable father’s book “Zikr-e-Jameel.”  Also during his stay in Okara my honourable father (Allaah have mercy on him) selected the verses of the salaam Mustafaa Jaan-e-Rahmat pay Laakhon Salaam” written by A’laa Hazrat the King of Bareilly (Taaj-Daar-e-Bareilly) (Allaah have mercy on him) and started writing the sacred descriptive roll of holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu ‘Alaiehi Wa Sallam).  After acquiring knowledge my honourable father (Allaah have mercy on him) was not only very familiar with the name of the King of Bareilly A’laa Hazrat (Allaah have mercy on him) but also, his literary status and his devotional attachment in every way with the holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu ‘Alaiehi Wa Sallam).  The oceans of realities and meanings which A’laa Hazrat Mujaddid Barelvi (Allaah have mercy on him) had the auspiciousness of collecting in his described chalice of words, are reflected in his poetic verses of Salaam.  My beloved father (Allaah have mercy on him) poured some waves of this ocean and it became his masterpiece book “Zikr-e-Jameel. This book is an evergreen garden of the expression of Razaa.

Several times Allamah Shams Barelvi has said to me that he really likes that book and he will write excellent reviews for “Zikr-e-Jameel” and will give me.  Whenever he meets he mentions this intention, I did not have his contact number, what else can be said that it is but my carelessness that I did not even contacted him.  Last year Peerzaada Saiyyid Muhammad Aarif Shaah Saahib Uwaisi narrated this dream at the annual gathering of ‘Urs Shareef of my beloved father (Allaah have mercy on him) that the holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu ‘Alaiehi Wa Sallam) have said he really liked the book Zikr-e-Jameel.  In only Pakistan, since 1954 AD more than one million books have been printed.

In 1952, 1953 in the Movement of the Finality of the Prophethood (Tahreek-e-Tahaffuz-e-Khatm-e-Nubuwwat), my beloved father was made the Chief of the Montgomery District.  After Pakistan’s establishment this was the first big movement.  If I were to write all the details of it a whole book would be formed.  Rulers used all their force to suppress this movement, those calling themselves Muslims attacked Muslims in this nation which was made only in the name of Islaam.  Movement leaders were arrested in hopes of shattering the movement.  My father (Allaah have mercy on him) was imprisoned and in fact put under house arrest.  Many supporters of the author of the book Tahzeerun Naas and teachers of Fataawa-e-Sanaaiyah were released after apologizing.  My beloved father (Allaah have mercy on him) refused to sign the apology letter so had to bear more hardships.  Even his days in imprisonment were spent learning, researching and writing.  When I see the references and footnotes placed by him in these books then I realize how much value he had with his pledge of time and religion.  In a brief span of ten days, two of my elder brothers died one after the other.  At that time these were my beloved father’s (Allaah have mercy on him) only two children.  Even during such a difficult test and the intensity of this tragedy there was no change in his steadfastness.  Those letters of Hazrat Saani Saahib Qiblah Sharq puri which he wrote during those days to my beloved father (Allaah have mercy on him) are preserved with me.  Hazrat Saani Saahib (Allaah have mercy on him) even came personally to visit. After ten months when my beloved father (Allaah have mercy on him) was released, a festival was celebrated from Montgomery to Okara.

My beloved father (Allaah have mercy on him) was exemplary popular in the cities, towns and villages of Punjab.  Each of his speech became important and effective in preaching and implicating the correct belief and actions.  And so it happened that a very large number of people became familiar with the name and works of A’laa Hazrat Mujaddid Barelvi (Allaah have mercy on him). My respected father (Allaah have mercy on him) could convince simple minded people very well in easy language how opponents (people with wrong belief) are involved in destroying the belief of pure Muslims.  He would teach his audience the right belief and their punctuality.  Along with knowledge of several sciences, intellect and insight, Almighty Allaah Kareem had bestowed him with an attractive face, character, dignity, eloquence, melody, smile, voice and style and who knows how many other qualities. He was without any doubt an exemplary orator who with all his heart and soul, continuously and successively worked to his goal.

He also arranged religious teaching and training sessions for young girls and women.  He prepared posters in series titled “Islaamic Charts” which proved to be very effective method for the preaching in every town.  He organized courses and lines of action for the teachers of the girls and the Imaams of the masaajid to preach the reflection of Razaa.  Poetry of A’laa Hazrat Faazil-e-Barelvi (Allaah have mercy on him) was taught to the children of school and Madrassah with such excellence that listeners would be very delighted.  Everyone would especially recite na’at shareef “Sab say Aulaa aur A’laa Hamaaraa Nabee (Sallal Laahu ‘Alaiehi Wa Sallam)” in the taught style of my beloved father (Allaah have mercy on him).

In Okara some infidels tried to take people astray by criticizing in harsh words the “slogan” of “Yaa Rasool-al-Laah” (Sallal Laahu ‘Alaieka Wa Sallam) using strong words.  Tension started growing in the environment.  Without delay my beloved father (Allaah have mercy on him) wrote a booklet titled “Jamaal-e-Mustafaa (Sallal Laahu ‘Alaiehi Wa Sallam)” and replied to the opponents with a researched literary answer.  The opponents were astonished by the publication of this booklet; they were unable to answer back.  This booklet included phrases taken from the writings of A’laa Hazrat Mujaddid Barelvi (Allaah have mercy on him).  Later this book was re-published under the name, “Raah-e-Haq” which remained unanswered by the opponents.

In 1954 AD on a piece of a land on G.T. Road, Okara the foundation of Jaami’ah Hanafiyah Daar-ul-loom Ashraf-ul-Madaaris was laid down.  In 1955 AD, Hazrat Shaiekh-ul-Qur’aan Maulana Ghulaam ‘Alee Saahib Ashrafi made the plan of spending the last ten days of the month of Ramadaan in Karachi. He bought my respected father (Allaah have mercy on him) along with him.  This was the first arrival of my respected father (Allaah have mercy on him) in the city of Karachi.  The name of the area was called “Raam Baagh.”  My dearest father (Allaah have mercy on him) renamed it ‘Aaraam Baagh” which was accepted.  Due to the name of this area the Jaame Masjid would have congregations of Shabaan-e-Qadr.  For the first time on the night of 21st the people of Karachi heard the speech of my dearest father (Allaah have mercy on him).  And to tell you the truth my respected father (Allaah have mercy on him) conquered Karachi with this first speech.  Without absence religious gatherings were held every day.  Before my father came, big crowds use to gather only for holy nights, but that year the sight was such that the whole city started gathering there.  Before him, no orator had spoken of the poetry of A’laa Hazrat Barelvi like this.  Not only were the verses recited but their explanation was also given, word to word making it as clear as a mirror.  He had the intention of returning back to Okara before the last Friday in Ramadaan (Jum’atul-Wada’a) but people did not let him go before the morning of 29th.  At that time the population of the city of Karachi was much less than today.  As much possible, the “opponents” had made their fog darker.  The people of Karachi kept a continuous connection with him even after the month of Ramadaan.  After sight of their desperation my respected father organized the first 10 days gatherings in the month of Muharram on the behalf of Ahle Sunnat Wa Jamaa’at.  Also two weeks after these gatherings his programs were held daily.  By this stay of only three weeks that fog of opponents had started disappearing which they had darkened in years.  People of Karachi started to differentiate between the truths and false.  The Divine had bestowed even more blessings on them and the motives of the opponent started becoming evident. During those days the construction of New Memon Masjid near Bolton market, Bunder Road (M.A Jinnah Road) had completed.  The management of the Masjid selected my respected father as the Imaam and the Khateeb of the Masjid.  I have written the blessed story of this appointed and it was printed on the Faatihah of the Chehlum of Hazrat Saahib Zaada Peer Saiyyid Ghazanfar ‘Alee Shaah Bukhaari known as Peer Jee Sarkaar Karmaan Waalay (Mercy of Allaah be on him).  Here, I copy from that book, it is described by my respected father (Allaah have mercy on him);

“I had accepted the additional duty of teaching Islaamiyaat in the Birla High School, Okara, led the Friday congregation in the Muhaajireen Masjid (Montgomery) and use to have congregations in different areas in the night.  Headmaster Saahib was very happy since I started teaching; as the results of the students were good.  The news came to us that the inspector is coming to examine.  The head master said, “It is the requirement for the appointment of the teacher that he should be B.A., (B.T.) or B.ED and you only have the certificate of your religious education.  If the Inspector of the School opposes then it will be difficult and I don’t want that your approval is not given for the School.  Due to you, the desire of learning Islaamiyaat has increased among the students and the result is also very good.  I will try to make sure that he may not ask any questions about you any how if he asks any question from you than reply attentively.  I hope with the grace of Allaah he writes good report about you.”

The headmaster was worried.  In the evening I went to visit the Hazrat Shaah Saahib Karmaan Waalay. (Hazrat Saahib use to only speak pure Punjabi). I was sitting quietly.  Hazrat said, “Haafiz Jee! Why are you quiet today?” I replied that the inspector is to come to the school in the morning.  He said, “What is that?”

He repeated the word of inspector in three parts: “Ins-pec-tor.”  “What will he do by coming?”

I replied he will write a report.  He asked, “What is a report?”

I said if he will write (good) than the job will be permanent and the salary will also increase.  He said, “What is good?  You are very good.”

Then he asked, “By how much will the salary be increased?”

I replied by five or ten rupees.  He asked, “What is your salary?”

I replied 80 rupees monthly.  He said, “Haafiz Jee your salary will be 400 rupees.”

I replied that even the Headmaster Saahib does not have so much of a salary.  He said, “Your salary is 400 rupees.”

I knew he is a friend of Allaah and also a beloved of Allaah, whatever he is saying, only that will happen.  The next day the inspector came, for whatever questions he asked the students he got the correct and good answers for them so he was very happy, he called me and asked few questions.  He was very impressed by getting the right answers and wrote many words in my praise.  The Headmaster was very surprised about how all of this happened.  I told him that this is the blessing and effect of Hazrat Ganj-e-Karam.

My teacher the respected Shaiekh-ul-Qur’aan Hazrat Maulana Ghulaam ‘Alee Saahib, said that the people of Karachi helped the religious Madaaris with the money of the Zakaat in the month of Ramadaan so this year we have to spend the last week of Ramadaan in Karachi.  For the first time I came to Karachi, the main congregation of Shab-e-Qadr was held in the Masjid of Aaram Baagh.  On the first night I did a brief speech and read a few verses.  The people of Karachi fell madly in love with it.  They were so impressed that speeches were also held beside the holy nights and a lot of donations were collected for the Jaami’ah Hanafiyah Madaaris Okara.  We had the intention of reading Jum’atul-Wada’a in Okara but the people of Karachi did not let us go till the night before the Eid (Chaand-raat).  I reached home on the morning of Eid.  After that a program was made for the first ten days of Muharram by the Ahle Sunnat and gatherings were held daily for ten days and it seemed there was roar in the whole Karachi.  When I went to Okara, after spending the whole holy month of Muharram, there was a continuous insisting for leading salaat (Imaamat) and delivering sermon (Khitaabat) in the Memon Masjid, which was the biggest Masjid in Karachi situated on M.A. Jinnah Road.  I was not happy to come so far alone away from the friends and family.  And on the other side the people of Karachi were going insane in their expression of love and respect.  In the letter I received from the trustees of the Masjid beside the residence etc, monthly salary was written as 400 rupees.  So I decided to ask Hazrat Qiblah Karmaan Waalay, whatever he would say I would do that.  I had just entered and said salaam to him, Hazrat Saahib Qiblah Karmaan Waalay said, “Haafiz jee! I had told you your pay will be 400 rupees.”  He said, “Haafiz jee! Karachi is the door to Madinah Munawwarah.  Allaah Kareem will give abundant of money and abundant of children, Allaah Kareem will give so many blessings that they will never finish.”  Taught few thing’s to him. I was appointed by the spiritual authority on a duty, I came to Karachi.  Now the daily meeting and viewing of Hazrat Saahib Qiblah was not available but his bounties were flowing and his gracious glance was always included on my conditions.”

My respected father (Allaah have mercy on him) also kept the series of the Dars-e-Qur’aan and Hadees daily in New Memon Masjid. He had come to this city with the aim of a Sunni revolution and with the grace of Allaah Kareem and the personality of the highest ranking saint of his time (Ghaus-e-Zamaan) he was appointed for this work.  Almighty Allaah Kareem had made him a symbol of truth, purity, determination and steadfastness.  He fully expressed his qualities which were gifted to him by Allaah Kareem and did the hard work of centuries in only few months.  That city in which congregations of Eid Meelaad-un-Nabee (Sallal Laahu ‘Alaiehi Wa Sallam) were not held openly were now held every day.  Every door and every house started blooming with the fragrance of Durood and Salaam (Salutation).  As the weather cleared the light started spreading.  Every speech, writing and teaching of my respected father (Allaah have mercy on him) would definitely have “Information of Razaa.”  I this way everyone was familiarized with his name and the personality that had done such work in this big continent for the safeguard of the true religion, which to this day is the authority and honour of every Sunnee. This is not only mere devotion and confidence, nor is it the description of a son about his most talented father which could be called exaggeration or imagination.  Instead this is an undeniable fact that it was the most obvious position of my respected father to introduce the name and the thoughts of Razaa especially to Karachi and make it common in the whole country and in different other cities and countries.

I have personally heard several times praise and accepting views about all this from Qutub-e-Madinah Hazrat Maulana Ziya-ud-deen Ahmad Madni, Ghazaali-e-Dauraan Hazrat Allamah Saiyyid Ahmad Sa’eed Kaazimi, Shaiekh-ul-Qur’aan Hazrat Maulana Ghulaam ‘Alee Ashrafi Okarvi, Interpreter of Bukhaari Shareef Hazrat Maulana Saiyyid Mahmood Ahmad Rizvi, Hazrat Maulana Muftee Taqad-dus ‘Alee Khan, Hazrat Allamah Muftee Muhammad Waqaar-ud-deen (Allaah have mercy on them) and others and it is also present in their writings. The words of Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Hasan Saahib Haq-qaani are, “Maulana Muhammad Shafee Okarvi Saahib has made “Mustafaa Jaan-e-Rahmat peh Laakhon Salaam” international.  He also says that, the obvious success of Ahle Sunnat Wa Jamaa’at in the National election of 1970 was also due to the gratitude of Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Shafee Okarvi, he had made millions of people supporters and associates of the True Sunni Path with his daily speeches and his writings.”

Even today with the grace of Allaah, in several countries all around the world my father’s speeches are the most heard.  Without hesitation the people of South Africa accept this that it was my respected father (Allaah have mercy on him) who introduced the correct understanding of the True Sunni Path and that a majority of people were introduced to A’laa Hazrat Mujaddid Barelvi (Allaah have mercy on him) by my respected father (Allaah have mercy on him).  Janaab Muhammad Ilyaas of Britain told me last year, that in the area where he is settled (Manchester) he started the chain of preaching the True Sunni Path using two audio cassettes of my respected father (Allaah have mercy on him) and he was so successful that today he has published there more than fifty books on A’laa Hazrat Mujaddid Barelvi (Allaah have mercy on him) in English. The research organization on Imaam Ahmad Razaa (Allaah have mercy on him) (Adaarah-e-Tahqeeqaat-e-Imaam-e-Ahmad Razaa) is an important name in reference to the writings of Razaa (Rizviyat). Twenty-five years ago, its founder Maulana Saiyyid Riyaasat ‘Alee Qaadiri (Allaah bless his soul) explained to me himself in front of Maulana Ghulaam Haider Saeedi (Allaah bless his soul) how this revolution came in his life in his office of T.I.P. in Fareed Chambers.  And why was he determined to bring in front of the people the hard work of King of Bareilly (Allaah have mercy on him).  He clearly accepted that he had received the awakening and movement of encouragement from my respected father (Allaah have mercy on him).  He told us that he has also heard a lot of praise of my respected father (Allaah have mercy on him) from the son of A’laa Hazrat, Hazrat Muftee-e-A’zam Maulana Shaah Mustafaa Razaa Noori (Allaah have mercy on him). I also presented Hazrat Muftee-e-A’zam (Allaah have mercy on him) my father’s book “Ta’aaruf-e-‘Ulamaa-e-Deoband.” Saiyyid Riyaasat ‘Alee Saahib told us that Hazrat Muftee-e-A’zam (Allaah have mercy on him) use to specially mention this book.

One of the devotees of my honourable father Al-Haaj Husaien Miyaan presented his building in Durbin for a “Razaa Academy” after hearing about the details of Razaa from my respected father.  The translator of Saheeh Muslim Shareef, Allamah Ghulaam Rasool Saeedi accepted this in front of me at Karachi Airport that his father took him to a gathering to hear a speech by my honourable  father (Allaah have mercy on him).  Allamah Saeedi said, “On that day I decided I want to be like him (my honourable father)”.

This means he got the inspiration for attaining the knowledge of religion from my respected father (Allaah have mercy on him).  From this we can well imagine just how many people and also what kind of people got impressed from my honourable father (Allaah have mercy on him).

In February 1992 AD, I went to Kalyar Shareef (Rurhkee, India) along with some of my friends.  After the ‘Asr prayers we asked a person that we want to give some money for the charity food (Langar Shareef), and wanted to know if there is any arrangement here.  This person was the Imaam Saahib who said that he would take us to that office where money is collected.  On our way to the office the Imaam Saahib asked us, where we had come from so I told him we were from the city of Karachi in Pakistan.  The moment Imaam Saahib heard this he asked, “Do you know Maulana Muhammad Shafee Saahib Okarvi?”  After drying my tears I asked the Imaam Saahib how he knew him.  He replied, “He is the solitary lion of Ahle Sunnat there, I heard a couple of his recordings and I have seen his book Zikr-e-Jameel, I have heard his name a lot.” When I told him that I am his son he embraced me.  When I gave him the news of the departure of my honourable father he was so sad that he started crying bitterly.

Such incidents have happened to me in Mozambique, Chicago, and Los Angeles, Malawi and in how many other places.  The splendour of popularity of my honourable father (Allaah have mercy on him) in the prestige court of the holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu ‘Alaiehi Wa Sallam) can be seen in many directions, Al hamdu lil Laah a’laa ihsaanihi (Thanks to Allaah for His favours). What is real popularity look at this incident?  One year my respected father (Allaah have mercy on him) spent the month of Ramadaan in Madinah Munawwarah.  He was staying with the great caliph of A’laa Hazrat Qutub-e-Madinah Hazrat Maulana Shaah Ziya-ud-Deen Ahmad Al-Qaadiri (Allaah have mercy on him), who had stayed almost eighty years in Madinah Munawwarah and he has been blessed with good fortune of performing more than sixty Hajj.  Every day a Meelaad gathering was held in his house.  He was a very ideal and an affectionate saint.  He would often say, “If today someone wants to see a true devotee of holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu ‘Alaiehi Wa Sallam) than he should look at Maulana Muhammad Shafee Okarvi.  Hazrat Qutub-e-Madinah would always praise in outstanding words my beloved father’s services highly for true Sunnee path.  Hazrat also loved his exemplary oration and would be very happy to hear them and always do lot of supplications for him.

My respect father (Allaah have mercy on him) has narrated this incident himself and it has also been written by Ranaa Muhammad Aalam and Maulana Ghulaam Haider Saeedi in their writings.  My respected father (Allaah have mercy on him) sat for the last ten days of the month of Ramadaan in Masjid-e-Nabwee for Aitikaaf (to sit in seclusion in a Masjid abstaining from worldly affairs and engaging in devotional practices).  He says, “On the morning of Eid I could not maintain control on myself while respectfully presenting peace and salutation (Durood aur Salaam) before the holy face (in front of golden Jaali Shareef, Muwaajah Shareef).  I began to cry bitterly and hiccups started, and suddenly I said, “O holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu ‘Alaieka Wa Sallam) today its Eid day, it is a day of Blessing and Divine mercy, it is a day of forgiveness.  Today a father also gives the gift of Eid (Eidee) even to his most undeserving son.  I accept that I am very sinful; I don’t have any quality in me.  Regardless of how I may be I have love for you and I am your most inferior servant, you are kinder to your followers than thousands of fathers.  Today I also ask you for Eidee.  I am a beggar and you have never said no to any one requesting, instead you always give him more than his need.  Almighty Allaah has made you the Owner and the authority, has given you the keys to His treasures.  Among the creations of Allaah you are the greatest benefactor, today also bless me with your graciousness.”

I kept pleading with tearful eyes in front of the Golden Lattice (Jaali Shareef) and from there I went to the sacred graveyard, Jannat-tul-Baqee.  Then went and stated in the blessed court of the uncle of holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu ‘Alaiehi Wa Sallam) Hazrat Saiyyidinaa Abbaas (Allaah is well pleased with him),  “You are the uncle of holy Prophet  (Sallal Laahu ‘Alaiehi Wa Sallam), an uncle is in place of father,  you do my recommendation, in the evening I went to pay respects to the holy grave of Saiyyidinaa Hamzah (Allaah is well pleased with him) also asked him for recommendation because he is the most beloved uncle of holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu ‘Alaiehi Wa Sallam),  I had heard it is the tradition of the people of Madinah Munawwarah if they have any problem in front of them, the go and appeal in the divine court of the holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu ‘Alaiehi Wa Sallam) and then they get recommendations done by the uncles (paternal) of holy Prophet, Hazrat Abbaas (Allaah is well pleased with him) and Hazrat Hamzah (Allaah is well pleased with him) and then they are contended.”

Also on that day the doors of Masjid-e-Nabwee were closed after the Salaat of ‘Ishaa.  I lay down on my bedding which was laid down on the carpet near the bed of Hazrat Qutub-e-Madinah.  The fragrant and perfumed ambergris breeze of Madinah Munawwarah made me sleep with comfort.  I saw a dream that an extremely golden, beautiful rectangle Tablet is suspended between the sky and the earth; it has actually come from the top.  The names of the respectable holy spiritual guides are written on it, all of those names disappeared and all of a sudden a hand appeared.  It wrote similar to most beautiful calligraphy one alphabet at a time “Muhammad Shafee” and that hand disappeared.  I was very happy to see my name inscribed on that Tablet.  My eyes opened, at that time nearby the Hazrat Qutub-e-Madinah was on his praying mat busy reading the daily practices and phrases (Wazaa’if).  I went and sat near him.  Hazrat paid attention to me and I told him the dream.  Hazrat immensely congratulated me and lovingly placed his hand on my shoulders and asked, “Maulana, did you request for anything today in the royal court of the holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu ‘Alaiehi Wa Sallam)?”  I replied, yes I requested for an Eid gift.  Hazrat placed my head on his chest, kissed my forehead and said, “Maulana you got an Eid gift. The holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu ‘Alaiehi Wa Sallam) said, “Almighty Allaah has given me a special golden Tablet, in which I write the names of my special devotees.”” Your name has been written among the most beloveds and favourites.”  I immediately went towards Masjid-e-Nabwee Shareef and when I came back after the Salaat of Fajr, Hazrat bestowed on me the caliphate and authority of the honourable chain of Qaadiriyyah and other chains.  I said, “Hazrat I am not worthy of this.”  Hazrat replied, “I am also fulfilling an order.”

In 1956 AD my honourable father (Allaah have mercy on him) lay the foundation of “Jamaa’at-e-Ahle Sunnat,” he was its founder and the first chief.  Every Sunday from ‘Asr to Maghrib a program of preaching (Dars) began in the houses of people under the management of this organization and in a few months the circle of gatherings enlarged. My honourable father (Allaah have mercy on him) organized a five weeks course about the Laws of Religious Knowledge (Fiqhi) for the working class people (officers) and  also fulfilled the duties of conducting it himself.  Continuously for one year in the weekly session he conducted a course based on 300 issues from the first three volumes of Fataawa-e-Rizviyah (old) book.  In 1962 AD after a murderous attack on him this succession could not continue.  Even before 1960 AD he had established Jamaa’at Ahle Sunnat in Eastern Pakistan and in 1976 AD he kept the foundation of Jamaa’at-e-Ahle Sunnat in South Africa.

Today in the registration of the “Trust Declaration” of the management of Masaajid and religious organizations in the country and all around the world these sentences are written for the explanation of belief and ideologies, “This organization will be bound to the writings and the teachings of A’laa Hazrat Maulana Shaah Ahmad Razaa Khan Faazil-e-Barelvi and Shaiekh of Muhaqqiq Hazrat Maulana Shaah Abdul Haq Muhaddith Dehlvi (Allaah is well pleased with them).”  According to my knowledge this sentence was first written by my respected father (Allaah have mercy on him) and the people in the Sunni Circles were taught to write like this.  In 1964 AD, in an area of Karachi known as P. E. C. H. S, (Pakistan Employers cooperative Housing Society) block 2, he laid the foundation of Jaame Masjid Ghausiyah and in this area did outstanding work for the preaching and establishing of the True Sunni Path.

Many people in these areas who were associated with different departments of government were benefited by his preaching.  Janaab Saiyyid Muneer Husaien Shaah Bukhaari who is settled in Islamabad says, “The introduction and recognition of Sunni’at in the educated people of that time was only due to the gratitude of Maulana Okarvi.” In that time only my honourable father (Allaah have mercy on him) was considered most prominent at national and public level in the whole country and was heard nearly by everyone. In public congregations his speeches were detailed with melody and deep loud roar.  In organizations, broadcasting centers, offices and different gatherings according to the crowd, his way of speaking and his style was completely different from other public speeches and it use to be so elegant that no one could be unimpressed by it.  This was common practice in Karachi that people would introduce their Religious Path with the name and association of my respected father (Allaah have mercy on him).  Opponents would consider him to be their only enemy and competitor, and the durood and salaam by these words, “As Salaatu Was Salaamu Alaieka Yaa Rasool-ul-Laah,” was called “Durood-e-Okarvi” by them.

My honourable father’s (Allaah have mercy on him) great illumination of na’at shareef  was in 1958 AD where he also compiled the first book of na’at shareef  titled “Naghma-e-Habeeb” and included more selected poetry of A‘laa Hazrat Barelvi (Allaah have mercy on him) in it.  Whenever the grandson of A’laa Hazrat Barelvi (Allaah have mercy on him) Hazrat Mufassir-e-Qur’aan Hazrat Maulana Ibraaheem Razaa Khan Barelvi (Hazrat Jeelaanee Miyaan Barelvi, (Allaah have mercy on him) came he would only call my honourable father (Allaah have mercy on him) for oration and would really appreciate him. On Aalamgir Road, in Karachi  Daar-ul-Uloom  Amjadiyyah was established.  There they started celebrating the annual Urs Shareef of A’laa Hazrat Barelvi (Allaah have mercy on him).  Hazrat Allamah Abdul Mustafaa Azhari (Allaah have mercy on him) called my honourable father (Allaah have mercy on him) for the main speech.  In many cities and areas my dearest father (Allaah have mercy on him) encouraged people to celebrate Annual “Razaa Day.” If the written records of the Markazee Majlis-e-Razaa of Lahore are saved than from it this thing can be proved that near the Mochi Gate of Lahore, in Barkaat ‘Alee Islaamiyah Hall the first annual Day of Razaa was organized by the movement of my respected father (Allaah have mercy on him) and for the first two years the main speech was also done by him.  It was he who presented the suggestion for the circulation of Articles on the Day of Razaa (Maqaalaat-e-Yaum-e-Razaa) and the propagation of the views of our own and opponents in reference to it.  I have not had the chance, otherwise if I would have seen myself, I don’t know how many other discoveries shall be made by the scattered writings and dairies of my dearest father (Allaah have mercy on him).

When the great narrator of traditions Hazrat Maulana Sardaar Ahmad Saahib of Faisalabad heard my dearest father in detail in the ‘Urs Rizvi held at  Daar-ul-Uloom Amjadiyyah, he kept on praising him for a long time among the scholars and associates and use to call and remember him with the title of “The Greatest preacher of the True religion.

I remember Maulana Hakeem Tajammul Husaien Saahib very well, he use to often come to our house and would sit for hours, I wish the talks between my dearest  father (Allaah have mercy on him) and Hakeem Saahib had been recorded. It will not be wrong to call Hakeem Saahib of Karachi somewhat reflection of Hazrat Hakeem Muhammad Moosaa Amritsari of Lahore.

My respected father (Allaah have mercy on him) was never negligent of his work due to the arrows of opponents and jealousy of our own.  Whenever we saw him he was always busy in work, books and people were always around him.  What is it to be hard working?  We recognized it after seeing him.

In Karachi the amount of books my respected father (Allaah have mercy on him) had of A’laa Hazrat Mujaddid Barelvi (Allaah have mercy on him), in those days no one had such a big collection. Many Scholars of Knowledge would come to him looking for these books and the respected father (Allaah have mercy on him) would fully cooperate with them.  Names of so many people are written in his dairy stating which book is given to whom for reading.

Since the government of Iskandar Mirzaa, my respected father (Allaah have mercy on him) use to be broadcasted from Radio Pakistan.  He is top among the list of the outstanding orators of Radio Pakistan.  After being impressed by Allaah’s given high-class melodious voice of my respected father (Allaah have mercy on him) the management of Radio Pakistan also recorded some na’ats in his voice which has been broadcasted thousands of time.  I can say according to my knowledge the honour of broadcasting for the first time the Poetry of na’at of A’laa Hazrat Mujaddid Barelvi (Allaah have mercy on him)  in Radio Pakistan, Karachi has also been his share.  My respected father (Allaah have mercy on him) not only read but he was also very fond of listening to the poetry of A’laa Hazrat.  He would call and listen to Hazrat Al-Haaj Qaari Ghulaam Rasool, Soofi Muhammad Riyaaz Qaadiri and others and it was often seen that he was seen crying while listening to them.

One day Hazrat Peer Dr. Saiyyid Muhammad Mazaahir Ashraf Saahib Jeelaani Ashrafi said something very nice me, “It was the quality of your respected father that he was cherished and respected in every religious institute and every religious and spiritual circles.  All  Scholars and holy men (Mashaa’ikh) use to love him and he was successful everywhere.”

In the city of Karachi Hazrat Shaah Ansaar Allaah Abaadi is that elderly person for him the title of “Shaiekh-un-Na’at” has been called, his age is over ninety years.  He has often been heard saying, “A’laa Hazrat has written excellent and Khateeb-e-Pakistan has read it excellent in fact in whichever style and tune he had read, that tune has become famous and special for that particular poetry.”

It was the policy of the “opponents” to continuously criticize A’laa Hazrat Mujaddid Barelvi (Allaah have mercy on him).  It was their conspiracy to remain “attacking” so that the true believers of Ahle-Sunnat Wa Jamaa’at (Barelvi) would be bound to defend themselves and would not unveil the blasphemous words and wrong ideologies of their “opponents.”  It was made well-known among the people that “Barelvi” are those who celebrate Meelaad and Giyaarahween Shareef  and the Deobandi and Wahaabi don’t do this act and only this is the conflict.  The opponent while oppressing they labelled many accusations on  Ahle Sunnat Wa Jamaa’at (Barelvi).  The favourite work of the opponents is to be dishonest and fraud in the field of writing.

The general people are not fully aware of the facts therefore the repetition of wrong propaganda definitely disturbs them.  My respected father (Allaah have mercy on him) with his researched vision and literary depths, in his speeches made the general people so aware with the truth that many of his listeners became orators and debaters. Hazrat Maulana Muftee Muhammad Ashraf Al-Qaadiri of Maraariyaan Shareef, Gujarat and several other scholars often said this without hesitation in their writing and speeches, in the Madaaris of the opponents the teachers force their students to take the oath that they will not listen to the speeches of Maulana Okarvi because no one can remain unimpressed after listening to the speeches of Maulana Okarvi and the students repeat the evidences of Maulana Okarvi in front of their teachers, and those teachers become speechless before their students.

The writings of Maulana Qaari Shams-ur-Rahmaan Hazarvi have been published in front of him and eight of his Scholars, Ghulaam Khan Saahib of Raja Bazaar Rawalpindi (whom their believers call the Shaiekh-ul-Qur’aan Ghulaam-ul-Laah Khaan) have said this, “If we had someone like Maulana Okarvi than the people of the whole country would have been of our path.”  This acceptance of a severe enemy clearly explains this saying; “this is piousness that even the enemies gives the confirmation of it.”

After getting furious by the revolutionary and revivalist efforts of my respected father (Allaah have mercy on him) for the True Path these enemies had him murderously attacked.  But the work the Divine wanted to be done by the respected father it was done any how and the enemies were failed and unsuccessful.

Even after five severe wounds Allaah Kareem bestowed the honourable father (Allaah have mercy on him) with health and safety.  The first speech done by my honourable father (Allaah have mercy on him) after staying for two and half months in the hospital for treatment was at the same place where he was murderously attacked, every year he would address five days congregations of Giyaarahween Shareef in this area.  He was a daring, bold and a courageous warrior.  Three times he had murderous attack on him but every time his bravery increased.  Why would it not be, holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu ‘Alaiehi Wa Sallam) had given the good news of his company and association to him.  Twice he had the honour of viewing the holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu ‘Alaiehi Wa Sallam) in his dreams.  He combed the sacred hair of the holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu ‘Alaiehi Wa Sallam) with his fingers so he got the interpretation that he will do such excellent service of his religion that it will be decorated.

After recovering from the murderous attack my honourable father (Allaah have mercy on him) went to Okara.  There in a congregation Saahibzaadah Saiyyid Faiez ul-Hasan Shaah Saahib of Aalo Mahaar Shareef was also invited.  He said while addressing my respected father, “Maulana congratulations to you, your blood is exceptionally good it has been chosen to serve the religion of Mustafaa.”

This quality was clearly visible in both King of Bareilly and my honourable father, the attribute of immense love for both these honourable persons, the  holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu ‘Alaiehi Wa Sallam) and Hazrat Ghaus Paak (Allaah is well pleased with him). My honourable father (Allaah have mercy on him) had the allegiance of the honourable chain of (Silsilah-e-Aaliyah) Naqsh Bandiyah but Saiyyidinaa Ghaus-e-A’zam (Allaah is well pleased with him) had control on him.

Also listen to Hazrat Al-Haaj Peer Shaukhat Hasan Khan Saahib Noori Barelvi, who praises my honourable father (Allaah have mercy on him) very eloquently.  He gives his example, for the sacrificing for religion and for being steadfastness on the true path of religion.  His words are, by every speech of Maulana Okarvi Saahib only the circulation and preaching of the true path of religion and the reflection of Razaa has been done.

Every year in Kikri ground, Karachi, during the ‘Urs Shareef of A’laa Hazrat Mujaddid Barelvi (Allaah have mercy on him) a special speech was given by my honourable father (Allaah have mercy on him) which was exemplary.  If a person with a wrong belief said anything viciousness or spiteful in any area, the people of there would go to only one person (i.e. my father).  My honourable father (Allaah have mercy on him) was not fond of diplomacy and reconciliation, he was a symbol of courage and boldness.  He would instruct the people of that area to immediately organize a program where he would go and explain the truth. His exemplary services towards the true Sunni path and the preaching of truth are worthy of being written in gold ink.

All of this has been written by the pen itself, I did not even realize that I have written so much.  Many details have still been left out.  How can the details of love and devotion ever be completed?  The last foreign trip my honourable father (Allaah have mercy on him) made was to India.  He was invited by the management of Razaa Academy to Bombay for the 1st Annual ‘Urs Shareef of A’laa Hazrat’s son Muftee A’zam (Allaah have mercy on him).  In this trip he went to Bareilly Shareef for the first time and was very happy that he was able to visit it.

My honourable father (Allaah have mercy on him) was so fortunate that the first voice he heard coming into this world and the last words he spoke leaving this world were decorated with durood and salaam (blessing and salutations on the holy Prophet Sallal Laahu ‘Alaiehi Wa Sallam).  Beginning by hearing durood shareef and ending with reading durood Shareef is also evidence of him being a chosen one.  Furthermore when he was being lowered into his grave, thousands of people were loudly reading durood and salaam. That is what happened on 22nd Rajab 1404 AH (April 25, 1984).

This thought comes to my mind, in the month of Safar 1340 AH (1921 AD) such a large crowd gathered, the likes of which have never been seen before, for the first time in Bareilly Shareef.  This was when A’laa Hazrat left this world.  On that day too, every voice in the crowd was resonating with the sound of voice with durood.

 Ka’bay Kay Badrud-dujaa Tum Peh Karoron Durood

The brilliant shining moon of Ka’bah millions of salutations on you 

(Translated by T.Y Qaadiri)


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    Allama Kaukab Noorani Sahib ki ye tehreeer mukhtasar lekin tareekh (History) s agah kar rahi hai. Allah Taa’ala Hazrat Allama Muhammad Sahfee Okarvi (A.R) kay darajat ko aur buland farmae aur in k sahibzaday Hazrat Allama Kaukab Norrani Okarvi ko dono jahan ki bhalayia’n ata farmae.


    • 08:18 AM - Thursday September 15th, 2016